Thank you to everyone who donated to the Caring for Caroline Campaign

Sally Rogers and Jackie Reizes went above and beyond to organize a Go Fund Me for Caroline as her declining mobility made it more and more difficult to stay at home. Caroline has lost mobility in her legs and needs full time care. The donations from the fundraiser have allowed us to keep her at home with family members with the help of aides.

Jackie, Sally, thank you again so much for organizing this. The support has lifted what would have otherwise been a tremendous burden. This community is amazing and truly has come through to support Caroline, as I know it has come through for so many others as well.

It has meant so much to us to have time with her and to be able to help her be as comfortable as possible. We look forward to seeing so many of you for the Folk-Legacy Weekend.

Linnea Paton

Here’s the info from the Caring for Caroline campaign:

As most of you know, for over half a century Caroline Paton, along with her late husband, Sandy, has brought music and joy to thousands through performances, special gatherings and sales of traditional and contemporary folk recordings on Folk Legacy Records.  

Now Caroline, at age 85, is facing new medical challenges and expenses. At this time, she is no longer able to live on her beloved Sharon Mt. hilltop home. She is healthy but has limited mobility.  We can make her present circumstances much better and bring her well-deserved comfort with our generous donations. With our financial support she will be able to have a vastly improved quality of life.   Sadly, songs will not be enough.
Your donations will be used for care-giver relief, transportation, delivery of meals, and medical care not covered by insurance.

For more information, contact Jackie Reizes or Sally Rogers by Messenger on their Facebook page.



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